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Absent-Minded Ambulation
I've taken to running
at unearthly hours
to see what transpires
while normal men snore
These jaunts that I make
while decidedly funny
have given me cause
to consider the law
Assuming permission
to amble quite freely
and hoping this right
is inferred, not expressed
I see no contention
with reas'nable basis
to stop me from jogging
as long as i'm dressed
A friend of mine told me
it's legal in some parts
for p'lice to arrest with-
-out saying a word.
Though one would assume that
in civilised countries
a riot would start
from a thing so absurd
Right now I have fallen
straight into a garden
and crushing the scrub I
get back to my feet
I chastise myself as
I turn back t'ward home and
resolve that next time I
will fall on the street.
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 0 2
Maple en Rouge by Shadowbrother Maple en Rouge :iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 5 10 Purple Haze by Shadowbrother Purple Haze :iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 0 4
When writing a poem, you mustn't fret,
Don't think about things that you mustn't forget,
Instead, find a line (one you like very much),
And fill all the gaps in with 'mustn't's and such.
A poem, you see, is a lot like a friend,
The type you can weather, and on whom depend.
Metaphorically speaking it's also a boat;
A tenuous one that needs rhythm to float.
A simile, too, makes a nice little change,
A comparison between the real and the strange,
But one is enough in each poem, mind you,
Since a surplus can tend to nudge meaning askew.
"Is rhyming required?" You might hear some ask,
The answer is "No!" but it easily masks
All the unrounded edges, the burs, and the stain
That was left when the sonnet leaked out of your brain.
Starting is half of the battle you face,
Once you’re done with that step, it’s no longer a race,
But instead an adventure, a journey of sorts,
To the furthest and strangest of lyrical ports.
The most difficult part is the finding of time,
And since one’
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 8 23
A Whirlwind Romance
Sometimes you're just there, waiting.
Sometimes you're not.
But searching for you makes me realise how often the latter is the case.
You hold the key to my failings, the source of my creation, and guard it zealously.
Inspired, I scrawl a note, ecstatic.
Only to lose it.
Finding it months later, giving me the impetus to begin again, to try once more,
Your fleeting visit marked only by a keen few, trolling the tubes, abed in a storm.
Then, you leave for good.
Only to be replaced.
Your double, however antipodious, my Muse en Lieu, the Vandrich corporeal.
Pouring into me with that which you bring so infrequently, so irregularly.
Then, all too soon, she leaves.
Bounding away forever.
A thousand pieces lay unfinished in my storage box of a mind.
The pitiful excuse for an artist, what I'd like to be, but could never achieve.
I watch some come and go.
And I wish they were you.
But I should know you better, since you stayed with me for so many years.
Only to desert me when I finally realised it
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 2 6
In Memory
The day seems somehow fitting. Tears go unnoticed in the rain. As you would have them, noone is crying. In fact a lot of them are cheerful, if sombre.
The time was right. The place, less than one might hope for, but not unwelcome. An acceptable end to an extraordinary life.
I never knew you properly. Your silence marked by smiles and glances. A wealth of wisdom hidden behind an unmovable shell. But yet I learned so much from you.
It was your time, that you knew. We saw it coming, and our hearts were stilled. I know, for you, it is a release of unimaginable magnitude, and I hope everyone can see it as such. I hope that through your life they will learn not to fear death.
Now I may read your soul, the pages lain bare, my conscience clean. But it cannot make up for what you were to us all.
You loved God in life, and you'll love him all the more in death.
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 0 1
Once I met you
We lingered together
Lived a lifetime in seconds
And you were gone
Once I loved you
At first glance I knew
We were meant to be
And you were mine for that time
Once we embraced
Tenderly kissed in secret
Alone but unafraid
Knowing we had each other
Once we were taken in
Others who wanted us
They kept us safe and warm
And we were ne'er apart
Once the memories ingrained
My heart will never forget
You left not because of hurt
But because of reality
Once I woke up
Realised that you were gone
That only in my dreams do I find love
That we will never truly be
Once I loved
Though noone knew it
The one I cried for on waking
Never was to begin with.
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 1 8
When sorry is not enough...
It all started out so well
We had each other
And that was enough
All our problems whisked away
By the winds on the path of life
We cared not what was spent
And spent all that we cared
But time, the eternal foe of mankind
Weathered our foundations
Carrying away memories
One by one, 'til all we had
Was a shade of what once was
And I am all to blame.
I search for another like you
But there are none to be found
The sheer eloquence of your love
Unmatched by those I find
We could have been something more
Had I not wanted everything
That which I found is now gone
And In the process, I lost you
Your wit could have pierced her heart
In an instant, her life gone
But you let her live
And set us both free
A reminder of my infidelity.
I never loved her
That sole privilege belonged to you
And I, the cursed fool
Heart aching, do what I must.
When sorry is not enough
I offer to you what you will
Your pound of flesh
Your month each year
Your beck and call
And yet, you come
Refusing all I have to offer
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 1 7
Six by Shadowbrother Six :iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 0 3
Leap of Faith
Standing on the grass-covered slope.
The ocean far below.
The incline slips away quickly.
A dangerous precipice for those not on their guard.
He wipes his eye.
Not looking at those beside him.
They sit there, oblivious to his pain.
He feels the cut on his brow, and the quickly swelling cheek.
Another tear rolls down face of the ruined young man.
He longs to tell them all, about his weakness.
The shame he must bear, and the way he tries to beat it out.
His shaking hands drop his backpack, he ignores the thud.
He turns and walks away from his companions.
Slowly stepping his way out of their sight.
Out of their thought.
Out of their memories.
He takes one last look at the one he has desired.
They catch his eye, and come towards him.
"It's now or never." He makes his decision.
Turning to the sea, he steps forward.
Arms, grasping against fate, restrain him.
His confused, tear-streaked face looks up to see the object of his desire.
A mirror of the sadness he has held in so long.
The pride fi
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 1 10
The First
I come, denying myself
Leaving all I have behind
Seeing only the mass that parts before me
In a haze that gives me a dizzying high
Almost a world away but enjoying myself,
Revelling in the heat of the night
The press, moving constantly
Parting ever-so conveniently
to reveal a figure
One might not have given her a second look
But for her convenient placement
A strange attraction, a pull per se
A dulling of senses, as in battle
But much more gentle and lovely
Moving toward her, with gliding steps
Rapt in her beauty, her presence foreboding
And arrives, in front of her
The confident prince among men
They make talk, she smiles
He laughs, she joins in
Enjoying the carefree night
The lights are dim, but they notice not
They stand and strike out of the fray
Moving away, becoming together
Closeness blooming from spontaneity
Ethereal confidence overtakes both
And in the silence of the grove
A Kiss.
Electric and passionate.
Thrilling. Unreserved.
The first.
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 1 5
The Opening
Is this the end?
Does it seem a shame?
Just to let it all fall down around us
And to leave you with the blame
Can you see me?
Hiding in his arms
Wishing for the comfort I have needed
Did you see me falling for his charms?
I can't imagine
How you see me now
When I feel alone
And he's holding me down.
I can't imagine
How you still love me
When all I've done is hurt you
While I felt it hurting me
This is our threshold
It's too late to turn back now
Our childish advances
Have left us beaten on the ground
This is our trial
Our last request
Let us not be remembered
For what we failed best.
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 0 3
My Eyes
Although I purport not to care
Still your glances petrify me
The thought of you gazing at me
Makes my heart shudder, and stop.
It might be nice to be praised
For the feats of one's mind
But I've had that too much
I want someone to look at me.
Across a crowded room, you stare
When I catch your eye, you start
Pretend you weren't enraptured
That's what I want
Looking down at the ground
I'd rather those were my eyes
That you'd look at me
And tell me what I long to hear.
"I need you." How long I waited
You finally made the decision
You looked directly at me
And admired my eyes.
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 1 19
Authentic Haiku
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 0 9
Life takes form slowly
One expects the turning point to appear
Instead it slowly fades into view
Unnoticed until it has already passed.
Retrospectively, all can be understood
As long as the precepts are adhered to
And the deviations few and far between though they may be
Must be abhorred lest they interfere.
However, the time for that has passed
We now come to the time of jubilation
The outpouring of our multitudous sensations
Stored so as to preserve the social balance.
A change
One voice
A melody so sweet
One soul, reaching the pinnacle of all.
A single discord piercing a room
Empty but for the solitary personage
The only one there to hear the secret tone
Entrusted with the task of translating it once more.
And so, out into the world it goes
Wafting into many an ear
Inspiring many
Touching just one.
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 1 11
I lay in my bed. My sanctuary. My hiding place.
I refuse to do it any more. A solitary tear rolls down the side of my face.
My body is wracked with the convulsions of sobbing.
The blade slips from my hand and falls to the floor.
I apologise profusely. "I'm so sorry... so sorry... What on earth have I done?"
The warm trickle runs from my wrist.
I try to wipe tears away, only to replace them with the hot red liquid.
I continue to cry. The strong man reduced to his core, the sad and lonely child.
One. Just one, comes to the door. Strides to the bed. Takes my hand.
"I'm so sorry." I look at them, not focussing.
"It's all-" The words catch in their throat.
"I just wanted it all to go away" I gasp into the air.
"Make it stop, I'm sorry..." Things start to dissolve.
"I love you, don't let me leave yet." I see nought but black.
They whisper now, "I won't..." as I slip away...
:iconshadowbrother:Shadowbrother 1 11

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